Dipping Powder $45
Dipping Powder w/extended tip $55
Basic Manicure $29

This service includes nail trimmed, and shape, cuticle treatment, and hand massage. Nail polish of your choice.

Gel Manicure $36

Includes classic manicure, the Gel Lacquer can last up to several weeks. It dries instantly and help your nails grow by providing a protective cover.

Gel Polish (without manicure) $30
Princess Manicure (10 and under) $20

An abbreviated version of the classic manicure, it introduces our young client to the pampering experience.


Detox Volcano Spa Pedi $58

VolcanoSpa is luxurious, Using Mega Eruption Technology made with natural-base ingredients and rejuvenating collagen. With this package content rich, effective formulas including maske and lotion which help revive and moisturize dry skin, while improving skin's elasticity. The fun "Volcano Eruption" detoxifies and purifies the skin while releasing luxury fragrance into the air. With Volcano Spa moisturizers as collagen replenish skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish.

V.I.P Spa Pedicure $46

Refreshing peppermint soak, ready for nails and cuticle trimming, buffing, and shaping. Calluses treatment, sea salt, and cooling foot mask for moisturizing. Foot massage and wrapped with a warm towel, polish of your choice.

Basic Spa Pedicure $38

Pedicure begins with a peppermint footbath, ready for nails and cuticle trimming. Calluses are buffed, foot massage and polish to complete.

Manicure & Pedicure

Princess Manicure $20
Princess Pedicure $28
Shellac Only $30
Shellac Manicure $36
Shellac Manicure w/ Remove $42
Dipping Only $45
Dipping w/ Remove $53
Shellac Only w/remove $36
Basic Manicure $29
Basic Pedicure $38
VIP Pedicure $46
Detox Pedicure $58

Artificial Nails

Full Set Gel (Shellac Polish) $52
Full Set/ Regular Polish $48
Fill Shellac Polish $44
Full Set White Tip $58
Full Set Pink & White Powder $65
Fill P&W $60
Full Set Ombre' P&W $68
Fill Regular Polish $37
Dipping w/ Extended Tips $55
Dipping w/ Remove $53

Extra Services

Nail Art $8 & up
Nail Remove $15 & up
Nail Repair $5 & up
French / Color Tips $8 & up
Shellac Remove $7 & up
Shellac on Toes $10 & up


Eyebrows $15
Chin $12
Lip $10
Full Face $50